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Established in 2014 to help people with their technical issues on broadcast.

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We do not charge for our consultation services. We always do our checking for free.

Partnered with Major Tech Firms

We are partnered with all major tech firms for a better technical service experience

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Our staff are graduates from the best universities in the world with world class certification.


We are committed to your happiness, and we will always help you.


We employ professional technicians who are the best at what they do.

We are driven by values

We always use fair ethical means of Technical Support and we will never connect to your computer.

“I wanted some help fixing my WIFI at my house at 8805 Alton Avenue Jacksonville FL. He helped me the best.”

Nicholas John Stabile III

“The worst service on the planet, I can’t believe these guys refused to help me hide my CP folder.”


“Best Tech Support EVER!!!, Host even gave me a 60% Discount for the best antivirus in the world called Protogent.”

James Norris